Our Talent Philosophy

With an ample supply of server rooms in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and their neighboring cities, Bohao is able to tailor IDC services. 

Key Location; Ample Server Room Space; Reliable Designs and Solutions; Fast Delivery; Cost-effective Operations; Professional O&M Team; Capabilities to Meet Diverse Customer Needs

Nowadays, competitive companies battle even more fiercely, as in business war, for talents. The one that trains and attracts more elites will have an edge in the competition.

Bohao’s eagerness for talents is unparalleled. With a view to staying ahead of the game in a new historical context, we become talent focused and encourage abandonment of obsolete or outdated ideas. 

Bohao knows that it is talent that drives a successful business in the changing international market. That is why we are desperately looking for you to fill the roles.

Social Recruitment
Bohao embraces an innovative and fast-paced Internet culture.
Creative thinkers are wanted.
Campus Recruitment
Campus Recruitment
Lead yourself to the future.
Join us and live out your dreams.

Compensation and Benefits

Bohao provides compensation and benefits as required by applicable laws and regulations. The employees are motivated by competitive benefits, including the following:

  • Activities & Events
    Regular departmental dinners, outward bound activities and year-end parties are organized to build a strong and cohesive management team and further raise management awareness.
  • Subsidies
    Bohao provides a wide range of subsidies for health checks, parking and telephone bill for field staff, etc. We embrace a corporate culture where employees are treated as family members.
  • Bonuses and Gifts
    Bohao pays bonuses to employees on mid-autumn day, at the end of the year, and for achievements measured regularly.
  • Insurance
    Bohao guarantees employees’ benefits with standard social insurance, provident fund and employee group accident insurance.

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