Bohao Internet Data Services Ltd. ("Bohao" or the "Company") was established in Guangzhou Science City. Bohao positions itself as a one-stop supplier which customizes and operates high-performance data centers in and outside the Greater Bay Area within the country. The Company has expanded so quickly over the years that as of June 2023 it has delivered data centers with a total floor area of over 400,000 sqm to customers and the total number of delivered cabinets exceeded 50,000. Thanks to over 120,000 standard cabinets in the existing data centers in the core economic hubs of China, such as the Greater Bay Area, Beijing, Tianjin, the region around Shanghai, and Chengdu, Bohao is poised to help transform and upgrade the digital economy in those hubs where it operates.

Bohao has always been focused on the development of large and super large data center projects. Most of them are custom high-performance data centers which boast sufficient power supply, high density and efficiency, and T3+ reliability. As a leading provider of outsourced data center services in the Greater Bay Area, the Company serves customers ranging from super large cloud service providers, leading Internet companies, telecom and IT service providers, to government agencies. Its projects were recognized by customers for being high-quality, reliable and cost-effective.

Bohao has also earned recognition from investors for its rapid expansion. In 2020, the Company received RMB 2 billion in Series A financing from globally renowned institutional investors. The financing injected funds, together with professional corporate governance tools, for the sustainable development of the Company's in the future. Moreover, advanced corporate management ideas and best practices were introduced, helping the Company shift to a model of professional, market-oriented and well-organized management.

Bohao boasts a management team of technical experts and business elites in the telecom industry as well as former managers of foreign companies. Bohao's years of success in the IDC market is a testimony of this team's increasing levels of expertise, synergy and execution. With company-wide continuous efforts, Bohao has developed four strengths in key areas which represent capabilities essential for the Company to improve customer stickiness and gain insights into potential customer needs.


  • 15+ years Technical Experience
    ◎ 15 years of experience in IT and IDC services
    ◎ Technical experts from all sectors
    ◎ Leading fast delivery capability and cost effectiveness
  • 50,000+
    ◎ Custom large data centers & solutions
    ◎ IDCs co-built by operators
    ◎ Over 50,000 cabinets delivered
  • 120,000+ Cabinets in Stock
    ◎ Data centers built nationwide as reserve resources
  • Constant Innovation of IDC Design & Customized Technology
  • Excellent Key Account Delivery Capability And Cost Control
  • Experienced O&M Team
  • Resources & Project Reserves for Sustainable Development


Contribute to Smart Everything in a safety-based, demand-oriented and innovation-driven manner.


  • Honors & Qualifications

  • Quality Management System Certificates

  • Software Copyright Certificates

  • China Value-added Telecoms Services License

  • Room 1903, Block T2, Hengyu Qianhai Financial Center, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

  • Bohao Industrial Park, No. 19, Yonghe Doutang Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou


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